Product Vision & Strategy

OKR & Product Metrics


• Create a Business Plan

• Define Product Vision & Strategy



• Research the Company's Vision & Mission and their Product

• Fill out the Lean Canvas

• Define the Product Vision & Strategy



• Lean Canvas

• Product Vision & Strategy

• North Star Metric


• Determined the Retention & Activation Metrics

• Define a hypothesis that increase the activation by 20%

• Create an Event Track document based on the hypothesis



• Set the OKR

• Determine the metrics

• Define the hypothesis

• Create an Event Track



• Product Metric

• Event Track

Tools :

• Product Development

• Product Research 

• Product Launch & Go-to Market Strategy

• Product Requirement

• Product Goals and Metrisc (OKR)

• Problem Prioritization

• Solution Validation & Prioritization

• Designing Usability Testing

• Designing A/B Testing



My curiosity about product management appeared when I developed my startup and interacted with web developers, designers, and marketing. I found that thing fascinating to deepen. Hence, I joined RevoU to learn, implement, and scale-up product management skills.

Skills :

Phase 1 - Problem Discovery & Prioritization

We have 6 members collaborating on revamping the dummy business, namely LaperMa MPASI catering. My role as a researcher has responsibilities to compile all the data and build an understandable pitch deck. We have to define a problem and prioritize it. What we do is build a lean canvas, do qualitative and quantitative research, create user persona and customer journey map, and define the success metrics. This 5 days project got a second position with an overall score 86/100.

“Laperma is an online catering platform specialized in serving the MPASI food for babies in age group 6 to 24 month. We have the vision to serve the super healthy foods guaranteed by the best nutritionist in town, selling a lot of variety of MPASI food that enabling our customers never get bored, on top of all surely we sell the delicious foods with at affordable price.


• Determined the market sizing & customer persona

• Create a product research



• Define the market sizing (TAM, SAM, & SOM)

• Create a customer persona and customer journey map

• Create a Market Research Proposal

• Define the research background and purpose

• Set the OKR's

• Define the metodology, sample size, target respondent, and deliverables

• Create a timeline

• Deliver the result



• Market Sizing

• Customer Persona

• Customer Journey Map

• Market Research Proposal

Product Research

Phase 2 - Solution Prioritization & Product Delivery

In phase 2 (final phase), My role as a Product Designer has to redesign the Laperma landing page. Firstly, We have to Prioritise a solution, prototyping and road mapping. After we set a problem in phase 1, we map a solution, set the OKRs, build PRDs, do Usability Testing and define the go-to-market strategy. The result was we proposed 2 MVPs, the shopee pay payment method and the tracking delivery system. In the end, we get an overall score 79/100, it's not satisfying, but I'm pretty proud of it.

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